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  1. Rajma Chitra

    Rajma Red 500gms

    Rs. 82.00

    Rajma is a popular cereal grain in North Indian vegetarian dish as a thick gravy with lots of Indian whole spices and usually served with rice and roti. Being a popular dish, it is prepared on all important occasions. Learn More
  2. Urad dhal deskinned

    Urad Dhal deskinned/ Ulutham Paruppu 500gms

    Rs. 87.50

    Ulutham Paruppu or Urad Dhal is rich in Sodium, Phosphorous, Potassium, and Calcium. Its good for human memory- brain development. Black Gram paste when applied to hair keeps dandruff away and also aids in hair growth. The de-skinned Urad dhal is primary ingredient in Idlis. Why Urad dhal for Idlis- explained-? Urad Dal You can always use whole Urad with the black skin. The only problem is cosmetics due to black fragments left after it is ground. Decorticated whole Urad is preferred. Decortications process involves introducing moisture to remove the skin. The split Urad has a problem. The pulse is split mechanically that generates heat and destroys much of the wild yeast. To compensate for this, you may add Fenugreek seeds to aid in fermentation. As sourced from http://www.indiacurry.com/south/batterexplained.htm/ viewed on 16/6/17 Learn More
  3. Black Horse Gram

    Black Horse Gram 500 gms

    Rs. 50.00

    Out of stock

    Black Horse Gram Kaanam or Black Horse Gram- a power source in Legumes.....can be equated with Millets and Bajra(Kambu) for its nutrient content Learn More
  4. Organic Roasted Gram

    Roasted Bengal Gram / Udaitha Kadalai 500 Gm

    Rs. 114.00

    Roasted Bengal Gram / Udaitha Kadalai roasted bengal gram is sourced from Sahaja Samrudha, Karnataka. Learn More
  5. Green Gram Whole

    Green Gram Whole/ Green Moong Dhal 500 Gm

    Rs. 58.00

    Green Gram Whole Various delicious recipe using Green gram sprouts- 1. Moong Sprouts Salad 2. Green Gram Sprouts Soup 3. Wheat Sprouts Adia Source- http://www.thefitindian.com/benefits-of-eating-sprouts-in-our-daily-diet/ this product is sourced from Shankarappa, Karnataka. Learn More
  6. Organic Soy Bean

    Soy Bean Whole 500 Gm

    Rs. 62.00

    Out of stock

    Organic Soy Bean Whole Learn More
  7. Organic Malka Masoor

    Malka Masoor / Masoor Paruppu 500 Gm

    Rs. 88.00

    Organic Malka Masoor This dhal is sourced from Sanjeevani Agro foods. Learn More
  8. Channa Dhal

    Kabuli Channa/ Vellai kondakadalai 500 Gms

    Rs. 117.00

    Organic Kabuli Channa Kabuli Channa is sourced from Sahaja Samrudha. Learn More
  9. cowpea black eyed

    Cowpea Black Eye / Karamani 500 Gm

    Rs. 100.00

    Organic Cowpea Black Eye Makes for good dish for poori and chapathis. Cowpea is sourced from Sanjeevani Agro foods. Learn More
  10. Organic Bengal Gram Chann

    Chana Bengal Gram/ Black Chickpea/ Karuppu Kondakadalai 500 Gm

    Rs. 90.00

    Organic Bengal Gram Channa/ Karuppu Kondakadalai Originally from Mediterranean, from Turkey. Loaded with lots of protein and presence of Folic acid and Saponins essential for nursing mothers. Its also known to fortify iron and fight anemia. Its also known for its micro nutrients. Because of its Protein content its a good alternative to meat. It also helps relieve digestive ailments. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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