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  1. Vasanai Seeraga Samba

    Seeraga Samba raw Rice 1 Kg

    Rs. 90.00

    A very tiny grained aromatic rice grown in the Indian province and preferred for making Biriyani. This rice is raw and can be used for special occasions. The rice currently in stock is aromatic variety and ideal for Biryani cooking. Definitely flavour is something which we all will vouch for from this rice. This rice comes from a organic farmer's farm in Pandeshwaram. Learn More
  2. Maapillai Samba unpolished Boiled rice

    Maapillai Samba Boiled Rice 25kgs

    Rs. 2,250.00

    Maapillai samba variety: In the olden days, prospective bridegrooms have to prove their mettle by lifting up a heavy stone called Ilavatta kal. Such bridegrooms used to take Maapillai samba to increase their body strength. The rice is flattened (aval) and offered to Lord Muruga during the festival of ‘Kaarthigai’. Maapillai is one of the rice which gives good stamina and energy once consumed. This rice comes from a farmer near Perambalur. The parboiled rice is semi polished to retain the nutrient goodness. Maapillai Samba Puttu makes for a must during cold evenings with coconut gratings and sugar or jaggery. Learn More
  3. Kuruvikar

    Kurivikar Sweet Paniyaram Mix 300gms

    Rs. 90.00

    This product is made by a specialized team with hands on experience in preparing traditional rice recipes.

    Tradtional methods like hand pounding, shade drying, are used in preparing this tasty recipes.

    How to cook- 1. Mix Mannvasanai Paniyaram mix with jaggery water and stir well to avoid formation of clumps. 2. Add a pinch of salt to allow the mixed batter to soak for 1 hour, minimum 45 minutes for getting a soft sweet paniyaram 3. Add finely ground coconut to taste. 4. Now this ready to be cooked using paniyaram or idli vessel.


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  4. Poongkar Idli/dosa boiled rice

    Poongaar Idli/ Dosai Boiled Rice 1 Kg

    Rs. 68.00

    Poongar Boiled rice This rice belongs to 'Kar' family of rice prevalently grown in areas around Chengalpattu, Kancheepuram in earlier days. Also called as Arubathaam Kodai…………….because it was reliable crop for the farmer. It grows to a maximum height of 5 ft and also suited for saline soil. Ideally suited for making delicious Idlis, Dosas, Idiyappam, and Puttu. The presence of reddish skin adds nutrients and vitamins to the body when assimilated. Chew and enjoy the food as most nutrients get half done in the mouth's saliva while remaining nutrient absorption and breakdown happens in the stomach. Source- Maamarunth aagum Parampariya Nel This rice variety is procured from Pandeshwaram, Tiruvallur. Learn More
  5. Kichili Samba Boiled

    Kichili Samba boiled 1Kg

    Rs. 80.00

    Kichili Samba boiled

    Ideal for daily consumption rice variety and this rice in its unpolished form is most nutritious. Its silky brown colour gives it the added nutrients which we normally do not find in polished white rice.

    This rice is sourced from a farmer from Pandeshwaram, Tiruvallur. Yes this does take a few more minutes to cook but definitely worth the wait. When cooked the traditional way in a pot, this rice and its Kanjhi is most nutritious. Its crunchy taste goes well with kozhlambu. Learn More
  6. Kichili Samba Boiled rice

    Arcot Kichili Samba Boiled 25kgs

    Rs. 1,625.00

    Arcot Kichili Samba Boiled

    Traditional rice variety ideal for South Indian meals and also vegetable rice

    This rice is parboiled and is ideal for lunch. This Arcot Kichili samba is small in size and is semi processed organically cultivated. this rice is procured from a farmer near Rantham Cheyyar. This rice is semi polished in nature. The rice variety is saved from 3 harvests over 3 years. Learn More
  7. Ponni Raw rice

    Ponni white/ Vellai Ponni Boiled rice 25kgs bag

    Rs. 1,950.00

    Ponni rice which is boiled and most suited for preparing rice and accompanied by many poriyals and sambar. This rice is grown by the farmer by natural organic farming methods. The vellai Ponni grows for nearly 6 months and hence available during one season as the rice is also seasoned for few more months. its medium sized and slender and ideal for meals. Being a traditional crop variety and parboiled the goodness of the rice is retained to the consumer. Learn More
  8. Wheat

    Whole Wheat 5kgs

    Rs. 250.00

    Whole Wheat 5kgs One can buy this organic wheat in bulk and grind at their leisure as ground flour in large quantities attracts moths due to organic nature. Learn More
  9. Wheat Flour

    Whole Wheat Flour 1 Kg

    Rs. 55.00

    Wheat Flour This wheat is sourced from Belgaum Karnataka and ground by SHG Sthree Chennai

    The yummy characteristics are its wholesome in taste, does not absorb much oil and when made into flame cooked Chappattis with just ghee over them they taste amazing. Learn More
  10. Mappillai Samba Puttu Mix

    Mannvasanai Mappillai Samba Puttu Mix 300gms

    Rs. 90.00

    This product is made by a specialised team with hands on experience in preparing traditional rice receipes.

    Tradtional methods like hand pounding, shade drying, are used in preparing this tasty receipes.

    How to Cook- 1. Mix Mannvasanai Puttu Mix with little water and add a pinch of salt and mix thoroughly and keep it aside for 10 minutes. 2. Next steam the puttu mix in Idli batter consistency and put into a idli utensil and steam for 5 minutes. 3. Later remove from the vessel and add coconut grating and cardamon and serve.


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