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We at Organic Depot share a common thread which binds people who are raising voices for organic producers' ( Farmers) livelihood and marketability of their produce.

If you look deeper into what you are having for your dinner tonight, you are not in a position to know if this has come from a conventional agricultural farm using Organic manure and naturally occurring compost or  from the land added with Fertilizer, pesticide strewn fields & growing Hybrid varieties.

There are more reasons why people ate natural traditional food for hundreds of years and how they have been healthy and led a life free of common ailments.

These farmers whom we are trying to lend a hand are going back to traditional ways of farming, which we have personally seen, realized and monitor. Realization dawned on us when we came across happy faces eating good food.

Benefits are galore and our Land has been bestowed with Natural selection of crops like drought hardy varieties sown near Krishnagiri to saline soil suitable varieties in Nagapatinam and much more. Most of the varieties are indigenous and have not been bought from foreign lands or are genetically modified.

One thought which has stuck into people's mind is that whatever is CLEAN and looks great are high in quality and good for our health. Actually those are a depleted source of vitamins and essential amino acids which gets polished during the processing.

Let's welcome change for betterment of our future generation.

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What we call FOOD?

One thought which has stuck into people's mind is that the polished rice is CLEAN & COSTLY so it is healthy. Actually it is a depleted source of vitamins and essential amino acids. In reality there are no nutrients in it and is one of the main reasons for higher incidence of diabetes. A rice grain with husk removed is most nutritious to consume. The removal of Husk exposes rice bran which is highly nutritious.The complete milling and polishing that converts brown rice into white rice destroys 67% of the vitamin B3, 80% of the vitamin B1, 90% of the vitamin B6, half of the manganese, half of the phosphorus, 60% of the iron, and all of the dietary fiber and essential fatty acids.

We call a produce (vegetables, fruits, cereals, milk, butter, coffee, tea or any consumables) Organic in nature when the farmer makes a proper use of his natural resources like preparing plant extracts for controlling pests, introducing insects to control pests, soil conservation techniques, water harvesting techniques, animal husbandry resulting in manure and in farm waste management- a chemical free & No Genetically Modified ecosystem.

Traditional oils like Coconut Oil/ sesame Oil/ Gingelly oil are extracted through large metal containers present a disadvantage of losing the essential nutrients due to high rise in temperatures generated in metal extractors; this oil when used for cooking has negative side effects on the body due to fatty acids in it, but when the oil extracted via traditional wood extractor (COLD PRESSING) it does not result in high temperatures and also retains essential nutrients and is healthy in its un refined form, Hence a need to rethink our oil usage depending on our lifestyle.

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Rice varieties

Traditional varieties

Maapillai Samba variety: In the olden days, prospective bridegrooms have to prove their mettle by lifting up a heavy stone called Ilavattakal (a big stone). Such bridegrooms used to take Maapillai samba to increase their body strength.

Karunkuruvai variety: Broken rice is mixed with other herbs and consumed as gruel to cure elephantiasis and arthritis. Rice is consumed as a tonic by patients recovering from chicken pox.

Neelan Samba - this is a Red rice variety popularized from ages of sages. Special mention in ancient texts of Ayurveda as nivararice, one which balances the tridoshas in human body. These rice varieties find mention in 1000's of years old Sangam literature

Poonkaar variety: Poonkaar is consumed as gruel or as flattened rice (aval) to improve overall body strength. Rice from the previous night (neeragharam) keeps us active throughout the day

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Bon appetit

Bon appetit

Know more about healthy food and Organic Cooking - with special menus

Coconut water- This water has special place in Ayurvedic treatments. Some of its benefits include- cleanses urinary bladder/ abundantly unctuous/ reduces heat of the body & it can easily replace saline solution in the body

Coconut Milk is a low calorie Good for heart drink which contains just 1 gram to 8 grams of protein in Milk but helps people fight weight gain and also good on heart

Soy Bean has been an important part of diet of Japan, China and Korea for many thousands of years. The new found love among US food manufacturers in processed form presents Soy bean with many diminished nutrient contents. Soy Bean is an important source of enzyme-supporting molybdenum, a very good source of bone-healthy manganese, and a good source of energy-producing iron, phosphorus, and vitamin B2; heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and potassium; and anti-oxidant supportive copper.

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Organic Catering Service

OD - Organic Catering

Organic Catering Services

                           OD - Organic Catering

ORGANIC DEPOT - Now offers Organic Catering Services OD for all your catering needs.

Lunch service, finger-food snacks or a complete buffet.. Millet Food, South Indian, North Indian and ofcourse your choices...

Contact us for all your needs - Ct: 91-9841424349 or email us.

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Plan your consumption products Currently in the farm

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