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.This is not a Pharmacy but a food Store. The main reason for most of the diseases are food, We are striving to bring the best of Organic produce to consumers from different parts of India.

Some products are produced by professionals supporting the farmers group through marketing, value addition and quality measures while others are Co-operative societies formed by farmers themselves to support another organic farmer and there are few individual farmers also whom we have visited to ascertain their organic nature, and some are well run Indian business houses adhering to Indian and international Organic farm produce standards.

All the produce on sale is INDIAN made from Indian lands by Indian Farmers. The produce on sale are traditional varieties hand picked from various sources for our for customers. The cosmetic products are safe to use and have not been tested on animals in any form.

 As mentioned before Organic produce are fresh and lively when consumed, its often noted or looked upon with minor irritation when one finds a few insects crawling around, please understand when the product is natural, you will see nature around. We strive to the best of our abilities to give the best of Organic produce with best packing with no fancy labeling or commercials, as all the product details are well mentioned in the product description. When one buys our products kindly go home and empty the contents into an air tight container for longer shelf life.

SHIPPING COST: Currently the shipping cost is arrived basis the product origination as Tamilnadu, Chennai. The system calculates basis the optimal rates available in the market. For Chennai the shipping cost is flat Rs.150 irrespective of any weight - Kgs.  Rest of India the system chooses the best rates and concludes the optimised cost for you.

Why my Shipping cost is little high compared to other Ecommerce websites products like - Mobiles, electronics gifts etc?

Answer: The reason is because of the weight, a mobile cost will be approx - Rs.5,000 to 10,000 your shipping cost will be approx. Rs.70 but the weight of the mobile would be ideally from 200Gm to 500Gm. But the products you buy here are food products, actually we are even cheaper compared. If you buy 500Gms it is only Rs.30 to Rs.50 mostly. But since the prodct value is less you find it costlier but in reality it is not. Infact when you buy more products the rate of the shipping decreases in our store.

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